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Tim started his career designing record covers back in the 80s for Melbourne band Vicious Circle. He then became the principal designer for record labels Reactor Records in Australia and Over the Top Records in America before returning to Adelaide to study an Assocaite Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design followed by a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Art and Design.

Vicious Circle.jpeg

Whilst studying Tim started Jolt Advertising which he ran until his final year at university. He then taught art and design at Scotch College and Rostrevor College, followed by a stint at the Cavan Juvenile Detention Centre... as a Youth Worker.


Hungry for knowledge he left the education system to work as a Graphic Designer for Visy, one of the world's largest packaging companies. He designed for print in CMYK and spot colours on a range of printing presses. After several years working in Adelaide as a Graphic Designer and Production Manager he ended up as the Art Director to a team of 15 Graphic Designers at Clipsal and has fond memories of working in a purpose built studio with amazing people.


Tim then worked for the corporate giant Schneider Electric. As the Art Director he worked with a team of creatives in Australia to co-ordinate with the studios in Hong Kong, America and Poland to produce all the advertising, promotional, educational and corporate assets for the company.

After working for over 15 years with Clipsal and Schneider Electric he jumped ship to another proud Australian manufacturer, Stratco. Here he art directed all the photoshoots and managed the monthly retail print catalogues. He worked with an awesomet team of creative people in a highly demanding environment which continually pushed him to do his best.

After six years with Stratco Tim took the opportunity to work in the wine industry with yet another great Australian success story, Wine Titles Media. He's currently working on magazines (which he loves!) with an eclectic bunch of creatives.


Tim has extensive experience in corporate design for large companies as well as designing logos and branding for start-up businesses. He has worked as a teacher, leader and designer and has the passion, drive and ability to create engaging material for digital media and print applications.

Anyway, I'm going to stop talking in the 3rd person now. It gets a bit wanky doesn't it? This site is a small collection of my work which I'm incredibly GRATEFUL to have been given the opportunity to be a part of.


I hope you like it :)

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