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Oh... this is embarrassing!


Some of the images might take a little while to display which will give you time to read about the process behind them :)


Each catalogue started life as a timeline with strict print deadlines. Tim then created page allocations and catalogue flat plans so that the products could be allocated in accordance with the theme. Sketches were done for each of the photo shoots and then talent, locations, transport, stylists and each scene were organised. Often Tim installed fences or flooring or moved furniture or bales of hay. One of his favourite shoots is the one with the two boys blowing leaves where two minutes beforehand it was raining and the boys were under umbrellas.

Tony Vass or Simon Casson did all the beautiful photography and once the imagery was shot it was back to the studio to oversee the design of the catalogues. Working with very talented graphic designers, Jessica Boitcheff, Caroline Ianeri and Julia Marino, the catalogues were transformed into up to seven versions for different states with up to 40 pages in each. With two drops per month and two covers for each plus internal pages, well... we were busy!

This is just a small sample of the work produced.

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